selective listening

selective listening

Come here please.   Come here.  Come HERE!  Come here NOW!  Don’t run away from me!


No, honey.  No, no.  Mommy says ‘NO NO’.  Do you hear me??


Gross, honey, don’t eat that.  Babe, yucky, don’t eat that!  DON’T EAT THAT! I said DON’T eat that. Spit it out. Spit it out!  Spit that out RIGHT now. Spit. It. Out.


Get dressed, please. Please get dressed. GO get dressed. Go up to your dresser and choose something to wear. Why aren’t you dressed? Why are you naked?


Where did I put those cookies?

“Mommy, they in the door above the coffee pot.  You ’emember you put them there? So we not reach them? And ’emember last year when I a little baby you said if I a good girl, I have a cookie?”





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