Baby Weights

Baby Weights

Over the past week, you have been sucking in your belly and squeezing your butt together.  Undoubtedly it felt weird at first, but now you find yourself noticing your core more and sitting up straighter.  For this week’s exercise, keep that squeeze that you’ve been practicing (like you have to pee but the only bathroom around is outside of a country gas station in a dimly lit corner and it gives you the “uh oh” feeling) and try this:


Start with one (yes, only one, no matter how easy and pointless it seems) repetition of each of three moves that will target where baby aftermath usually resides: One squat for your butt and legs (Apparently, motherhood gives us the gift of cellulite!  Isn’t is magical?), one push up for “continuous wave” syndrome in your arms, and one sit up for the empty baby carrier.  Make sure you stick your butt out when you do your squat and sit back into your heels like you’re hovering over that disgusting toilet at your favorite bar in college that you know hasn’t been cleaned in months. Do this multiple times throughout the day. Since it is only one repetition of each, it will take three seconds, so you can sneak it in on your way to the bathroom or take three seconds off of your shower time.

If you want to challenge yourself more, complete two sets of the trifecta back to back.  Want to sweat?  Go back in for a third set.  Keep in mind that you decide how many sets you do within a day,  so it is customizable and schedule friendly.

Each day, add one repetition of each exercise to the routine.  Day two, you will do two squats, two pushups, and two sit ups one more time than you feel you can handle throughout the day.  By the end of the week, you will be doing seven of each in a row, which may be enough for you to begin to work up a sweat.  A life hack that I have discovered about exercise repetitions:  The faster you do them, the sooner you are finished.  It is both a mathematical certainty and extremely motivating.

As the days go on, you will find that these three exercises are becoming increasingly easier and you will feel the drive to complete more repetitions and sneak in more sets wherever you can throughout the day.  At day 33 (Just a short month away!), all you have to do is three sets in a day with one bonus repetition of each to reach 100 squats, 100 pushups, and 100 sit-ups in one day!  It is an incredible accomplishment that is absolutely reachable no matter your fitness level in the beginning, or time and energy constraints!

As an added bonus, you can do all three of these exercises in front of the television, which is great news right now if you’re a chick that likes football, or a chick that doesn’t like football who binge watches Netflix series on Sundays in the fall.  #orangeisthenewblack


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