Baby Weights

Baby Weights

I hate laundry.  In my college years,  I considered garments with a quick douse of Febreze to be meet-my-boyfriend’s-parents clean.  I had a closet full of underwear for the time between visits to home, when I could dump my overflowing tent of laundry on my mother and receive a lovely mountain of clean, folded clothes by the end of my visit.  Well, my friends, laundry Karma has come to collect.

I am tumbled dry by the amount of laundry my family of four produces.  I look around at the end of the day to find four of my son’s outfits completely soaked and laying on the deck… with the dog on top of them.  There are balled up socks on the couch, clean socks have found their way into the dirty laundry, and smelly socks sit on top of my clean basket.  Before I know it, my poor boy has to wear my daughter’s frilly polka dot shorts to bed and my daughter is wearing shirts with sayings like “Handsome Bubba” printed on the front.

I tend to stuff as many articles of clothing into the washer, dryer, and “to be folded” laundry basket as I possibly can for time and space efficiency purposes.  This makes the basket reasonably heavy. You can turn this never ending chore into a weight to hold during multiple exercises without taking any time away from your necessary tasks at hand!  Getting an ample amount of walking steps within a day is an important part of exercise, but if you add a weight, it challenges you a little more.   Try this week’s momlife-adapted exercises for three different body parts:


CALVES: When you are lugging the basket of freshly cleaned (and inevitably slightly wrinkled) clothes upstairs (or across the house if you do not have stairs), pause on each stair (or step you take) to do calf raises.  Stand with your heels off of the edge of the stair and rise up on your toes, then back down. You can do one each stair, or challenge yourself to see how many per stair you can handle.

HAMSTRINGS AND GLUTES (BACK OF THE LEGS AND BUTT): Use the “standard” laundry basket hold (like you’re holding a beach ball with handles) and skip a stair (or two if you have long legs) with each step. Starting with one foot on the first stair and one on the third stair, bend your knees keeping your upper body straight (like you’re trying to pick up a onsie that fell off of the top of the overflowing basket without spilling any more clothes). Take the bottom foot and put it on the fifth step and repeat the lunge all the way up the stairs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ARMS: Multiple loads of laundry in a day can be daunting, but you can turn them into an excuse to workout different parts of your body. If you hold the full basket above your head while you walk it from place to place, especially the stairs, it will engage your shoulders.

There are days when I would rather take each stray article of clothing I see and reunite it with all of the stepped-on-out-of-place toys at their final resting place in the garbage can.  I stop myself by thinking of the hassle it would be to pack the kids up to go buy more clothes and by using the weight of the task to my advantage.  Wash, dry, lift… sip… sip… sip… glug.


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