Baby Weights


What am I doing for exercise around my house this week?  Lifting my broken computer over my head and throwing it out the window.  Baby Weights will be back in full next week, a small fortune and transfer from a terabyte hard drive later.

Until then, there are many fun fall activities we must do that keep up the  heart rate.  The season is changing, making longer pants and more articles of clothing necessary for the kids.  Take out last year’s fall and winter clothes and run after your resistant child to try them on him.  While you’re still in a good sweat from chasing him,  try to keep him from moving as you squeeze his body into the jeans you are praying will still fit so you don’t have to take him with you to Old Navy and drop $100.

Avoiding errands with toddlers in tow is your driving motivation.  Keep your eyes on the prize and you can make those pants fit him… maybe not with the button closed, but simply put a long shirt on him to cover it up and call it a win.


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