Holiday Donations for Your Sanity




Time to grab your non-see through black garbage bags, wait until the kids are asleep, then collect your donations for The Trash Can.

Acceptable items include:

-Bins of toys that are dumped out repeatedly but not actually ever played with or cleaned up

-EVERY toy made of many, tiny pieces

-Toys with pieces that are broken off to be used for a purpose other than the original intention, often resulting in -danger and injury

-Anything with glitter

-Hard-as-a-rock Play Doh (and the carpet it has ruined)

-Any toy that makes noise and does not have an “off” switch

-Anything in the play room that makes your body angry just by looking at it


Think ahead and make your donations early to clear room for the next batch of Christmas presents that will inevitably fit the same criteria.

Due to high volume, there will be another chance to donate in January!


Remember to enjoy the season and always hide your nog in your coffee mug!  You can call it “coffee nog”!

Happy Holidays!



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