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To My Dear Friend, A First Time Mom


When you come into my house accompanied with a car seat, I am immediately happy.
When I look at your baby’s face, I immediately see you.
When she cries, I say “Aww, baby”.  Not because I expect you to quiet her, but because I want to do anything and everything for her. Forever.
When I see you jump at her slightest sounds, I laugh. Not out of superiority or judgement, but happiness that you, too, have begun the most meaningful journey of life.
I laugh, having joyous memories of not knowing what on Earth I was doing.
I laugh because I didn’t have anyone my age to go through the experience with and I am so damn honored to be there with you while you experience through.

I will never judge you when you make mistakes or have an “I’m not ready to be a mom” day.  I’ve made them and had them and will listen empathetically.
So, when she doesn’t adhere to a sleep or behavior routine and interrupts our conversations, don’t apologize. I want nothing more than to be with her and know her.

When she cries while I hold her, its OK.  My babies will never again be as small as she is in my arms, so I will gladly listen to her cry and try to appease her.

When I bring the baby swing from the basement or sanitize the toys from the play room, please know that it is not a burden for me.  These simple actions allow me to remember the time that my babies needed what yours needs now.  And those are the best memories.

I love you and I loved her before I even met her.  You are amazing, you’re doing great, and I’m proud of you.